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  • Silvino Potêncio, Brazil
    Buyer and Importer of: cement, scrap metals, fertilizers, copper, investments, chemicals, energy, biocombustibles
  • Danial Pardis Trading Co, Iran
    Buyer and Importer of: urea46%, cement, pvc, alcohol, oil, suger, seller the cattle feed animals
  • Asagbaludo Holdings, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: nutella g15x60, mineral water, cement, gum, drinking water, juice, overtin, milk, rice
  • HWB Consultanting Firm, Nigeria
    Buyer and Importer of: cement, coal, fan, mineral water, natural mineral water, rice, salt, sardines, wheat flour

  • Multiucapital s.r.o., Slovakia
    Buyer and Importer of: filament, staple fibre, gold, rough diamonds, sugar, cement, crude oil derivates
  • Global Commodities, UK
    Buyer and Importer of: bitumen, cement, fuel, fertilizer, rice, eucalyptus wood chip, sugar, wheat, metals
  • Coporate Ventures Company, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: rock salt, aroma bath salt, free flor salt, pipe, cement, okra, sea food, red wine, electric bicycle
  • FLTPC, Australia
    Buyer and Importer of: cement, sugar, pine logs, used railscrap
  • Private Rough Diamond Sales, Namibia
    Buyer and Importer of: meat cutter, candless, cement
  • One Approach, Pakistan
    Buyer and Importer of: hms, used rail, cement, petroleum, clinker, rice, wheat, fertilizers, sugar
  • Jude69 Translation, Interpreting, Intermediating Services & Financial And Real Estate Consultants, Spain
    Buyer and Importer of: used rails, cement, gold, diamond, copper, bg, petrol, kerozine, commodities
  • Esther Enterprises Inc, Cameroon
    Buyer and Importer of: baby daiper, garment, cosmetic, rice, cement, beverages, mineral water, coal, wheat
  • Societe Shehu Dan Fodio, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: sugar, rice, cement, tiles, oil, fishmeat, articulators, computers, iron rods
  • Brickell Business Solutions LLC / Dream Builders Int Inc, US
    Buyer and Importer of: cement, construction consultant, steel frame homes, rice, sugar, blco
  • Cross Atlantic Trading (Liberia) Inc., Liberia
    Buyer and Importer of: used clothing, used cars, agricultural materials, rice, cement, construction materials, wheat flour, meat products, frozen food
  • Oao Vidaenergy, Russia
    Buyer and Importer of: ore, cement, plywood, rice, soya beans, sugar, sunflower, vegitable oil, wheat
  • Future General Trading, Tunisia
    Buyer and Importer of: olive, olive oil, fresh and canned fish, dates, vegetables, canned sardine, charcoal, pasta, cement
  • Aerial Global Nugeria Ltd, Nigeria
    Buyer and Importer of: av light, cables, cars, cement, generators, paints, rebars, tower, tratorsct
  • Stanley Gomez Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
    Buyer and Importer of: cement, crude sunflower oil, feed barley, refined sunflower oil, sugar, sugar cane molasses, wheat - all types
  • Argo International GMBH, US
    Buyer and Importer of: urea, rice, cement, sugar, steel, crude oil, diesel oil, scrap, bank guarantees

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