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  • Vega de Aranjuez, S.l., Spain
    Buyer and Importer of: white wines, red wines, flavors, rice vinegar, rice wine
  • Sisi Alaaje Services, Nigeria
    Buyer and Importer of: soft drinks, energy drinks, champagne, beers, red wines, brandy, malts, white wines, whisky
  • Jeyads Ventures, Ghana
    Buyer and Importer of: canned fruit juices, bottled fruit juices, fruit juices packaged in boxes 05 lit 1 lit 15 lit ect, red wines, white wines, non alcoholic wines, canned tomatoes, canned fish, assorted biscuits
  • Malabu International Limited, Nigeria
    Buyer and Importer of: brandy, champagnes, cognac, soured wines, white wine, whisky, non alchoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, white wines

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